13 tips about working with Greek to Greeklish Converting Utility

  1. The “File” button opens a text file (.txt only) and displays its contents in the “Greek text” field, Nr .8.
  2. The “Convert Button” converts the text from the “Greek text” field to Greeklish and displays it in the “Greeklish text” field, Nr.10.
  3. The “Save as Button” saves the converted “Greeklish text” to a text file (.txt only).
  4. The “Help Button” opens the .htm help file in your web browser.
  5. The “About Button” gives information about the program current version.
  6. The “Converting Rules Button” displays the converting rules upon which the translation is based on.
  7. The “Text field” displays the program commands in real time.
  8. In the “Greek text field” you can type, paste or open a Greek text. Also, you can edit the pasted or opened text.
  9. The “Clear text Button” clears the Greek text.
  10. The “Greeklish text field” displays the converted Greeklish text. You can edit the text before you save it. (Note: if there is English text will remain unchanged)
  11. The “Clear text Button” clears the Greeklish text.
  12. The Status Bar (down) displays the program commands, one each time.
  13. The right bottom corner of the window displays the current time.


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